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Balto’s return to the LP after a 5 year absence lands with a swell of feedback, a heavy downbeat, and a punch to the gut. “I’ve known love as a fleeting beauty lost upon the young.”  It’s a coming of age album in the fullest sense, a 10-cut meditation on the realization that time is pushing us all closer to the void and away from one another, and that the doe-eyed romanticism of Balto’s early writing has long since sobered. Yet underneath that disillusionment is a sense of confident celebration in not only knowing a craft, but loving it. 
The band began with primary songwriter Dan Sheron’s conflicted attempt to start a journalism career in Moscow, Russia, a simultaneous cataclysmic heartbreak, and the ensuing gonzo bender across Siberia that wrote itself into the Balto’s critically acclaimed debut October’s Road. “It took me a very long time to get past that, sometimes it feels like I’m still picking up the pieces – but of the things that came of the Russia years, I think it was the clarity of purpose that stuck most.”
A band formed. Tours followed. Hundreds of shows, long nights in the woodshed; the fierce willingness to grind themselves into powder on the legend of the great American songbook. And somewhere along the way it all clicked – brotherly love, four great friends in a band playing unrelenting American rock'n'roll. Biting cynicism, instant classics, rip-your-heart-out live energy, a willingness to swagger, rip hard, and live behind the beat.